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Portrait Art

I am SO freaking excited to be able to get super creative with you and bring to life an unbelievable idea as a ONE OF A KIND piece of art featuring YOU!  No idea too big or wild!  Let's get creative together!

Cooper Medieval Burning Castle skulls n crows web.jpg

Family Portrait Shenanigans

I can be level-headed and sensible when required.  Not going to lie...I do enjoy the cheekier side of life and laughing until it hurts!

Shine Your Light

Have you ever looked in the mirror and seen a reflection of someone unremarkable, unloved, unwanted, lost, or helpless?  A styled portrait session either solo or with a buddy is a transformational experience where you learn about yourself and that your light within shines so damn bright, you are amazing, you are loved and you are enough!  

Erin Hill - Shine Your Light - UMP-13.jpg
Julie Yoga-94.jpg

Personal Branding

I get to work with you to create images that 'tell your story'.  We create eye-catching images that represent you, your business, and your personality!

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