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Life is like a camera...  Focus on what is important, Capture the good times, Develop from the negatives, and if things don’t work out, Take Another Shot.

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Hello, I’m Deb, the photographer behind Untold Moments Photography.  I have a habit - T2. I mean have you been into a store?!  How could you not be!?!  I currently have over 80 tea flavours, let’s be honest, who really only has one?!  Surely, I’m not alone here.


 I am self-banned from hardware stores, camera stores, art supplies stores, Ikea, and camping stores... for reasons I’m hoping may be obvious.  I am an ENFP & a  little right of the field and enjoy a hearty laugh regularly at my own stupidity or anyone else’s for that matter. 

I am a single parent to 2 slightly loopy little dudes & 2 .... let's call them unique woofers.  When we aren't at home doing life, we can often be found out with family & friends.  The 5 of us love going camping together, we are always torn between beach & country though!  Other things we love doing together - fishing, movies, exploring, beach, heading to the family farm, boating & jetskiing, yardwork (jokes, we don't like it but you know the drill), sh!t stirring each other, baking (well i do most of the baking and they do most of the eating - so that works)

I have endured chronic pain & illnesses over the last 11 + years.  It has broken me and rebuilt me into a much stronger version of who I once was.  I thought I knew what it was like to struggle until life showed me that it can always get harder.  I decided my struggles were not going to define me, instead, they would shape me.  My struggle is now my gift

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I am always truly honoured to be welcomed into the families I meet along the way.  I enjoy spending time with all my clients and wish they could bceome part of my extended family...I could forsee Christmas's getting expensive though.

The dreaded 'Rona' has taught me that nothing is guaranteed in life and to make each moment count. 

I want to be able to share my existence with my (hopefully one day, albeit a long way away) grandkids and great grandkids heirlooms and glimpses into what my life was like.  How I lived, laughed and loved.  I think it’s really important to be able to share actual printed images. 


My kids love thumbing through our photo albums and almost daily I see them looking at their own photos from their first years as they walk down the hallway.


I love to document life through photos.  I want everyone to exist in photos and printed images so they can be viewed and shared for generations to come.  


I believe in sharing the joy and pure excitement you feel when you see an image you love for the first time.  I believe in creating long lasting relationships with my clients  and value the opportunity to be part of your lives and capture untold moments.  I want to be the reason you walk past a piece of art in your home and your heart is tickled. If you like the cut of my jibb as a photographer and want to share your untold moment with a unique snowflake such as myself,  please press reach out button below so we can connect.


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